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Whether you want the latest brow trend or a fuller, darker lash line, permanent makeup makes it easy to wake up ready to take on the day. 
Hi, I'm Mariana, a highly trained brow wiz. I love bringing balance to people's faces and make their day to day lives easier.
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Mariana Ford

Hello, my name is Mariana and I've been in the permanent makeup industry since 2015. I love giving people confidence through permanent makeup and using my love of art to meet new people and put a smile on their face.

A little about me. I previously worked in a corporate job, but my passion has always been on the artistic side of things. Choosing not to go to school for Fine Arts (my niche was drawing faces) because I thought "how am I going to get a job with fine arts?" And went the corporate route instead, choosing to take advertising in school and eventually landing a "dream job" at a university.

During my mat leave I searched for a more permanent way of doing my brows as I was trying to save time in the mornings, knowing I'd have limited time when also getting a toddler ready. I came across microblading and was so intrigued I decoded to take a course during my mat leave, while toying with the idea of starting my own business.

It was a scary leap to take, with people thinking I was crazy foe leaving a full time job with a pension, benefits and 5 weeks vacation. Fast forward 7 years and I've now taken over 10 courses! Now specializing in nano brows, my own type of combo brows, eyeliner, permanent jewelry and of course, my first ever service, microblading!Absolutely love what I do and being able to give people confidence through permanent makeup. Especially with eyebrows, brows are the frame to your eyes but also your whole face! Think about it, the right kind of brow will bring attention to your eyes while the wrong one will make people Starr right at them!