Achieving Perfect Look

Everyone has unique facial features, therefore you'll see different brows on every face. I map each individual brow based on your features. We pick the style together, including shape, which technique will be best based on what you're trying to achieve, whether natural or makeup looking brows. You have input every step of the way. 
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Payment Plan


Pay in 4 installments split two weeks apart.

Post Care

Post Care for Nano Brows/Powder Brows/Combo Brows:

First Hour: Dab them with a wet paper towel to clean away lymph fluid, followed by a dry paper towel. Do this every 5 to 10 minutes. Keep doing this every 20 to 30 minutes the second hour following.

Rest of the day: Keep dabbing away the lymph fluid for the rest of the day. At least every hour. If you are getting your brows done in the evening, do this for at least 3 hours, then procede to do this for 2 more hours the next day.

Fourth Day: Apply ointment provided two to three times a day for at least 7 days

First 7 Days: After your dabbing period, keep them dry for 7 days with the exception of the ointment provided.

- Saunas
- Excessive exercise where sweat will be dripping down your face, ie. Hot yoga
- Steamy showers
- Water of any kind running over the brows
- Facials for 6 weeks or for 2 weeks if they can completely and safely avoid the brow area
- Botox for 2 weeks
- Picking or itching at the area
- Tanning beds, direct exposure to sun
- Spray tans

What to Expect After procedure:

Dark Stage: Your brows will be much darker immediately after, and the following week (give or take a few days) after your procedure. They are (minimally) scabbed and this is normal. This is not the final colour.

Light Stage: Imagine a scab on your knee, once that scab falls out naturally, the skin will look extra white until it slowly completely heals. This is the same thing that happens to your eyebrow scabs. First they are too dark, followed by a period where they appear too light. The colour will resurface within the next few weeks.

The first 6 weeks: Although weeks 3 to 6 don’t appear as if your brows are changing much, following the dark scabbing and light post scabbing period, your brows will slowly continue to heal both on the outside and internally and slightly change over these weeks. The true colour won’t be visible until after 6 weeks but they may look and feel healed before this, as the changes that happen in these weeks are slight.


What should I expect during my appointment

Permanent makeup

It is important to note that although we refer to these services as “Permanent Makeup”, nothing on the face is truly permanent. We are depositing pigment into the skin much like a traditional tattoo, however, the skin on the face is different than the skin on the rest of the body. We have larger pores, secret different oils and it regenerates much faster. This is also why we age faster on the face. This means that it should be expected to maintain your permanent makeup with yearly or bi-yearly appointments if you want to retain the look of your chosen procedure (some people may go longer without a maintenance appointment, everyone is different).

There are several ways to implant pigment into the skin for permanent makeup, via a tattoo machine or manual blades and shaders. While I started my career with microblading and microshading, I have now slowly switched all my clients over to nano and powder brows done with a tattoo machine as it's much less trauma on the skin, it's suitable for all skin types virtually painless and lasts longer. Lines also heal much crisper than with a microblade.

Machine Brows

Brows done via a tattoo or permanent makeup machine are the latest technology in the permanent makeup industry. Gone are the old brow tattoos done with a traditional body tattoo machine and body ink. You remember those, the old solid tattoos that turned blue or brown that turned orange. We now have tattoo machines specifically made for tattooing the face, as well as pigments. We know that we can’t go as deep as we do in the rest of the body, we have learned proper depth and aftercare for the best possible results. At Hamilton Brows, I use only the best machines, best and top of the line needle cartridges and hypoallergenic Canadian made pigments.

Microblading had replaced the old school solid brow tattoos, but now machine brows make up 90% of my brow appointments. It is a superior technique as it causes less trauma, causing less scabbing and thus has better colour retention and it is virtually painless. My clients have taken naps during their appointments!

This is a pricier technique as it costs much more to do and takes longer, but in my opinion it is worth it!

All faces are expertly mapped using a string for all procedures (after numbing). Once this is done, the client is consulted, tweaks are made based on what the client is looking for and used to. Only once the shape is agreed on, do we move on.

Saline Removal 

Making sure that you do your homework on your brow artist is very important, it is MUCH cheaper to pay for an experienced, knowledgeable artist than to pay for corrective work later on. Saline removal can be done as an emergency within hours of a botched brow job, or within 48 hours. Past the 48 hours, you will have to wait 6 to 8 weeks when your brows are fully healed to do this procedure. You may need several removal appointments before we can tattoo over again, it all depends on how dark the brows are to begin with.

What Is Saline Tattoo Removal?
Saline tattoo removal is a procedure where we penetrate the skin with a saline solution called Lift (salt + purified water) to break up the tattoo pigment and pull it out of the skin. The procedure is similar to tattooing or microblading but instead of inserting ink under the skin, we insert the saline solution instead with the same machine we use tattoo. This breaks up and pigment and brings it to the surface.

At Hamilton Brows I use LI-FT is, which is currently the most effective and safest saline solution out there. I want my clients to have the best possible results, therefore I use only the highest quality materials and techniques. LI-FT is mainly made up of purified water, salt, lemon and orange seed extracts and so is very safe for your skin.

How Does it Work?
  1. First, we use a numbing cream to help minimize any pain.
  2. We then sterilize the area.
  3. Using something similar to a tattoo gun, we penetrate the skin where the tattoo is and implant the saline solution into your skin.
  4. The solution then does its magic by breaking up the pigment and pulling it out to the outer surface of the skin through a process called osmosis.
  5. The extracted pigment heals into a scab and once it falls off you will find your tattoo being noticeably lighter.
  6. The healing process takes about 8-10 weeks depending on how fast your skin heals. More than one session might be required but only once the skin has completely healed.

Is Saline Tattoo Removal Better Than Laser?
  1. This may be a safer procedure to choose, depending on the type of ink that was previously used for your tattoo. This is because we are pulling the pigment out of the skin, into a scab that will fall off versus breaking it down for the body to absorb. Saline is also very safe by nature as it is made up of only salt and water.
  2. Tattoo pigments come in various different colours, if there is white in your pigment, saline is more effective as laser removal works on different wavelengths. If the laser doesn’t match up to the particular colour, it may not be able to remove it. Depending on the color of your tattoo (especially if there’s white ink in it) the saline solution might be more effective. White reflects all colours and is harder to remove.
  3. A Saline removal session is $150 – 200, while laser sessions can be upwards of $500.
  4. This is a better alternative for people with darker or sensitive skin as it causes less scarring than laser.

Am I A Good Candidate?

— You have small tattoos (no bigger than a deck of cards) or microblading/permanent make up (eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, etc).
— You don’t have any severe skin or health conditions that may prolong healing.

— You have large tattoos (laser may be more suitable for you)
— Your skin is prone to keloid scars
— You’re diabetic

What Does Aftercare Look Like?

  1. Once the procedure is completed it is best to let the wound dry heal.
  2. However, if you work at high-risk facilities such as gyms, schools, and hospitals please make sure to cover the wound to avoid any infections.
  3. It is imperative that you do NOT pull off the scab. Please let it fall off naturally otherwise it might not heal properly, or be done with the osmosis process of lifting the ink
  4. Oftentimes the wound might present some lymph fluid drainage. In that case, just blot the area with a clean paper towel but make sure not to rub!
  5. Also, make sure not to use any cosmetic products or makeup on the wound as it will delay healing and might even infect the area.
  6. Lastly, make sure not to wet the wound in the shower. The area must be left dry for best results.
  7. After the scab falls off, you may use vitamin E oil (just 2 or 3 drops) to re-hydrate the skin.


Eye procedures are done with a tattoo machine and is virtually painless for most people, can feel a little annoying. Clients are pre-numbed with a topical 5% lidocaine cream, then once the skin is broken, we can use a secondary numbing cream. The skin on the eyes is very thin and therefore takes to numbing very well and very quickly.

Lash Line Enhancement
Lash Line Enhancement Tattoo is when we Tattoo the lash line directly between the lashes. This gives the look of a fuller lash line. It can be done thin, only between the lases, or a bit thicker, to look like eyeliner between the lashes. You generally cannot see this tattoo when you close your eyes and really make eyes pop, while still being natural and subtle.

Full eyeliner
For full eyeliner tattoo, we start with a lash enhancement and then pull out and up from there depending on what look the client is going for.

Permanent Jewelry FAQ

What if I need to have an MRI or surgery?
MRI, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, usually requires you to take off jewelry that is made of steel or metal. Gold, or gold filled jewelry is typically allowed to stay on as gold and silver are not magnetic. Piercings for instance are made of surgical steel and must come off. In any case, if a client had to have their bracelet or jewelry cut off for medical reasons, I will re-weld for free, provided that it’s cut at the jump ring and not the chain itself.

How do I cut my bracelet or jewelry if I need to?
Simple pliers can cut through the jump ring. Please remember to cut through the jump ring and not the chosen chain itself.

What is gold filled jewelry?
Gold filled jewelry involves coating a type of metal, in our case, brass, with 5% gold. This means it contain 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry and should last you a long time.

Will I set off metal detectors?
No, it is not steel and you will not set off metal detectors

How long does it take?
It’s a fairly quickly procedure, taking from 5 to 20 minutes per person depending on if a charm is chosen and where on the body the jewelry is going


please email, text or dm a picture of your current brows to be assessed.

You will need to book online and confirm with a credit card. This will pre-authorize the deposit amount but not charge you. It’s like a security deposit. You can pay with cash, credit or transfer at the time of your appointment, however, you will still need to confirm with a credit card before coming regardless of what payment method you are using at the time of the appointment. Most PMU and tattoo studios take a non-refundable deposit, we choose to only pre-authorize the deposit amount without charging so that people can pay the full amount on the day of the appointment.

Not showing up to your appointment will result in a full charge unless in the case of an emergency. Communicate with us.

Cancelling within less than 72 hours will result in a charge of half the price of your appointment.

We are very understanding here when life comes up, but we do take the 3 hours we reserve for you ahead of time seriously and we expect our clients to do the same. No shows and last minute cancellations cost us money and is not fair to people on the wait list.